Ipswich Funerals – Funeral Planning Checklist

Ipswich funerals are extremely challenging to plan. Not only does it seem like you have a million different decisions to make, but you will, of course, be feeling highly emotional during the process. To ease the strain, we have put together a funeral planning checklist.

The first decision you need to make is on the type of service and the events that will take place on the day. For example, you may want a funeral service followed by a cremation or burial, or you may want a graveside service incorporated in between. Some people want a memorial service after the cremation or burial. You also need to decide whether to have a wake or visitation prior to the funeral. After this, you need to determine where the funeral is going to be held, as well as the individual who is going officiate over the funeral. Which individuals are going to serve as pallbearers? You also need to decide who will deliver poems, prayers, as well as other readings, and who will deliver eulogies if applicable. What hymns or songs are going to be played? You may also want to ask people to make a donation to a certain charity in order to honour the memory of your loved one in lieu of flowers. Aside from this, you will need to make a list of those you are going to invite. Once you have all of this information handy, you can work alongside a business providing funeral services Suffolk wide. They will help you to put your thoughts into action.

The only thing left to do is find the best funeral directors in Suffolk to help you put together the perfect send-off for your loved one. This is something Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services can assist with. We have over 60 years combined experience in planning and executing caring Ipswich funerals services. To find out more, head to our website: https://www.rhcfunerals.co.uk/.

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