Funerals Bury St Edmunds – Why Do People Choose Cremation?

Funerals Bury St Edmunds based are usually as personalised as they can be. One of the first decisions you have to make when making funeral choices is whether it will be a cremation or a burial. There are some general reasons why people are more likely than ever to choose cremation instead of burial.

Nobody wants to be viewed as a cheapskate when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one. However, funeral costs have escalated dramatically and it’s a fact that the costs of cremation can be up to 50% lower than burials. This is due to many factors, including the costs of urns in comparison to caskets, for example. Cremation funeral services Suffolk are also simpler in execution. If you choose to inter the ashes, the costs of doing so are much less than dealing with a coffin. In addition, there is far more flexibility about where you inter the ashes. You aren’t rushed into selected a resting place and you can scatter the ashes when and where you choose. If a death has been especially rapid, this can allow you time to step back and think about what your loved one might want to happen with their remains. When you’re considering your Bury St Edmunds crematorium options, remember that you’ll need to choose a funeral director who can accommodate all your wishes and treat you with the care you deserve at such a difficult time. By selecting a local director, you’ll have the benefit of their local knowledge and attention.

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