Funeral Notices In Ipswich And Obituaries – What’s The Difference?

Funeral notices in Ipswich are often confused with obituaries; and when someone dies, it can be difficult to know what sort of publication is required, if any. This is especially the case when various newspapers have differing terminology for death notices and obituaries. That is why we have aimed to end the confusion with this post.

So, let’s begin with an obituary. This is an article that the staff at a newspaper will usually have written. It is essentially a detailed biography of the individual who has passed away. A death notice, on the other hand, is a newspaper announcement that gives the basic details of the person who has passed away, as well as details regarding funeral services Suffolk way and where donations can be made if desirable. Such an announcement is typically made and paid for by the family in most cases. This notice will usually state the full name of the person who has died, as well as naming the surviving family members. Additionally, it will state whether the funeral is public or private. If the former applies, details of the funeral and where it will take place will be given as well. With regards to an obituary, the newspaper decides whether this will be published. You can ask them to do so, but there is no guarantee they will. This is why obituaries of celebrities or notable people in the community are the most common. In regards to the cost of such publications, it will depend on the newspaper in question, yet this is something your funeral director can help with.

Funeral notices in Ipswich and obituaries are just two things we can assist with at Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services. In fact, we help with every aspect of planning funerals Ipswich wide, giving you ultimate peace of mind. For more information regarding our family-run business, please head to our website at

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