Funeral Directors Bury St Edmunds – What Types Of Funeral Are Available?

Funeral directors Bury St Edmunds based choices can incorporate all types of burial and cremation service that you may require. These funeral choices may be based on the deceased wishes or perhaps your own. Whatever type of funeral you decide on, though, you need to know your loved one is in safe hands.

Services at Bury St Edmunds crematorium options are popular with mourners across Suffolk. Cremation remains one of the most popular ways of saying goodbye to a family member, although it is far from the only option. For instance, traditional burial in cemeteries in Suffolk is still a regular funeral choice, as family members find comfort in visiting a grave. Be careful when considering this option, however, as different cemeteries have different rules, particularly if you’d like an unusual headstone. You may also consider a woodland burial service offered by some funeral services Suffolk wide. This normally involves a tree being planted to mark the site of the grave, with the service generally being quite informal. This can be an environmentally friendly way of saying goodbye to a relative and is often chosen due to its focus on nature and the deceased becoming part of the landscape. It is also open to all faiths, ensuring that no one is left out by the religious nature of some funeral options. Remember, when you choose a funeral director, ensure that they’re willing and able to accommodate your requests, whether these are requests about the type of funeral service you wish to have or the religious aspects of it.

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