Crematorium In Suffolk – What Is A Direct Cremation?

Crematorium in Suffolk is no doubt what you will be searching for if someone you love has passed away and their wishes were to be cremated. While searching online, you may have come across something known as a ‘direct cremation’. Below, we reveal what a direct cremation is in further detail.

A direct cremation is an alternative to conventional funeral services Suffolk wide. They are ideal for those who cannot afford the costs associated with a traditional funeral. A direct cremation can cost as little as £1,000 due to the simplicity of the approach, making it the cheapest option. Of course, it seems awful to think of price at a time like this, but funerals are expensive, and you need to be realistic. There are also those who ask funeral directors in Suffolk for a direct cremation because of their values and beliefs: they may not feel that a public, formal, ceremonial funeral is necessary. These people could afford a conventional funeral, but they choose otherwise. So what actually happens with this type of service? There will be no service, procession, or hearse at the crematorium. The body will go directly to be cremated without anyone else in presence. This does not mean that you cannot say goodbye, however. You can choose to have the ashes scattered at a place that is important to the person, and you can hold your own memorial event as well. The vast majority of funeral directors offer a direct cremation option nowadays, and it is becoming more and more accepted. Before, people were afraid it wasn’t the done thing to do, but now people realise that there is no ‘right’ way to plan a funeral.

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