Bury St Edmunds Funeral Options – Cremation Or Burial?

Bury St Edmunds funeral directors are used to the question of whether a cremation or a burial is a better way of saying goodbye to a loved one. In truth, this is a very personal decision and it may be one the deceased has already made. If not, there are several considerations that may help you decide.

Some people have a natural aversion to either burial or cremation. Sometimes, you may have learned through their lifetime which type of funeral the deceased may prefer, or know enough about them to guess. However, not every family is comfortable talking about such things so you may find yourself at a loss. First of all, consider the practical considerations. Is there, for example, a plot available near another relative which the deceased may want to occupy? They may have already thought ahead. If not, is there space in your preferred cemetery for a burial? One reason so many people still select burial services is because they wish to have a place to visit. However, utilising the services of a Bury St Edmunds crematorium doesn’t necessarily mean you have nowhere to visit and lay flowers. Many people inter the ashes in special plots or scatter them somewhere meaningful. Cremation is also considered to be a less costly method and is also more environmentally friendly. Ultimately, though, the decision is yours. While funeral services Suffolk can advise on your options, don’t be persuaded to either opt for a burial or a cremation if you’re not convinced it’s the right option for your loved one.

With Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services, you will receive impartial and friendly advice on whether a cremation or burial will be the best for your loved one. We will never try to persuade you either way, understanding the choice of Bury St Edmunds funeral is yours. For an informal chat, call our branches direct. If you’d prefer, visit https://www.rhcfunerals.co.uk/.

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