Bury St Edmunds Crematorium - How To Choose What’s Best

Bury St Edmunds crematorium could be one location in your search for the perfect way to say goodbye to a friend or family member. It can be difficult to know what to choose when it comes to getting the funeral right if you are left to organise it, but a good funeral directors in Suffolk will be able to help you. They will be able to offer advice about the various types of funeral services Suffolk way, as well as how best to say goodbye. If your loved one has not specifically left details of how they want their funeral to go, the funeral director you choose will guide you.

Funeral Services Suffolk - Why Choose A Cremation?

More and more people are choosing to be cremated rather than buried. There are a number of reasons why this is becoming the first choice for many, but no matter what the reason, Bury St Edmunds funeral directors will have plenty of experience in organising this kind of funeral. One practical consideration behind the rise in cremations is the cost. The cost for funerals Bury St Edmunds based and elsewhere often comes from the estate of the deceased; and for many, bequeathing their money to loved ones is more important than an expensive funeral. It can cost up to fifty percent less to be cremated rather than buried, which means there is more money left to give to beneficiaries. Another reason for opting to use a Bury St Edmunds crematorium is that it is often simpler to arrange a cremation than a burial. Fewer permissions are needed, and the service itself can be less formal. This could suit your loved one perfectly. A cremation leaves more options for those left behind as well. A burial site is fixed and friends and relatives must visit the memorial wherever it is located. With a cremation, relatives can choose to take the ashes to a special place to bury or scatter them, making it much more personal. Some people also worry that a burial is bad for the environment, especially if embalming chemicals are used. Cremation in general has less environmental impact. Finally, some people simply have a personal preference for being cremated rather than buried.

Funeral Directors Bury St Edmunds - What Can You Do With Your Loved One’s Ashes?

After a cremation and a Bury St Edmunds funeral, you will be able to take your loved one’s ashes away with you. There are many different unique and personal things you can do with these ashes. The traditional thing to do is to keep them in an urn, but equally as popular is being able to scatter them somewhere significant. This could be at a place where your loved one liked to walk or otherwise spend time. If this is your choice, then speak to your funeral directors Bury St Edmunds based to choose a beautiful and fitting urn and about permissions for scattering ashes. If you are inclined towards a more formal type of memorial, then most if not all cemeteries have special areas where the cremated ashes can be buried and a small marker stone placed, so friends and family have a site to visit in future. However, if you want to do something different, there are many choices. They can be mixed with soil and used to plant a tree, for instance. Ashes can even be turned into diamonds and worn as a meaningful piece of jewellery. There are many other ideas to consider also. The important thing to remember is that whatever you choose should be something that you are comfortable with – or something that your loved one has chosen before their death. If they have not left any instructions about what they want to happen, it can feel rather confusing. Funeral directors such as Hyde-Chambers Funeral Services can assist you in making these difficult decisions.

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